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Amnesty pressures UN as justice stalls in Syria

As the bombs continue to reign on Aleppo under the watch of both president Bashar al Assad and the United Nations, Amnesty International takes a dig on the world’s largest body for its failure to bring about a lasting peace and justice to the people of Syria.

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The Middle East country has been in a political mayhem for about six years, but hope for a better future is still a dream. What then is the role of the United Nations Mission in Syria? Some can quickly say it’s economic interest.

On their official twitter account, Amnesty challenges the “peacekeepers” to help Syrians have the most needed political and economic stability in the war-torn Arab nation.

“No child should have to grow, learn and play on a battlefield. Tell the to finally find now.” it tweeted

According to the source, the people responsible for the atrocities remain out of the reach of justice as civilians continue to suffer.

“Today, the people responsible for these atrocities remain out of the reach of justice, and civilians continue to suffer every day. It is time to deliver justice and reparation for victims and their families. It is time to ensure that war crimes and crimes against humanity do not go unpunished.” Reads the report.